I will never do it again

At the cross all burdens are lifted, you walk away knowing He conquered it all. ‘Go and sin no more, your sins are forgiven’ the loving Savior whispers

You go on free to love and serve. End of story……..

In deed it is the end of the story but because we are humans and dust we forget, and go back to the cross saying this very words ‘I will never do it again’ ironically you mean it, truly you have no intention of ever doing whatever that is again, you are broken, defeated, at your end.

The cycle continues, then doubt, fear, hatred creeps in. I am really forgiven? I am a Christian? Does God love me? I am unworthy and the lies wrap themselves around your heart and mind. Soon you stop fighting you indulge without remorse after all I am unworthy.

Deep and deeper you find yourself, lost trying to fathom how far in you are; you want to get out of this hole. You long, you yearn. Desperation, despair so lost in your thoughts. You do not see or hear Him walking towards you calling your name. Reassuring you.

“I will never do it again” (Look back at all those times you have said that)

He came because he knows you cannot do it on your strength despite your best intention “For I tell you that unless your righteousness surpasses that of the Pharisees and the teachers of the law, you will certainly not enter the kingdom of heaven” Matthew 5:20

God knows you will do it and loves you, don’t get me wrong…..He loves you the sinner but hate the sin that you do. You are more than an addict, acoholic, thief, womanizer…..that is not your label……your name is Child of the most high God through Christ Jesus, you are a son a loved one for that matter.

Lord Jesus, open my eye to see how much you love me, that I am not the sin but a sinner, help me stop viewing myself as the sin but as a son in your kingdom. In your name Lord Jesus I pray.


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