Past Wounds


‘They say an elephant never forget’ illustrated is a picture of a baby elephant with tiny wound. This elephant despite it thick, rough skin somehow got wounded.- “ all creation is in groaning due to the sin of the world and as a result; both man and beast often experiences the wrath of this broken world.

Living in a broken world means we have had an experience of its brokenness. Each one of us i believe in their cause of life had been hurt and have also inflicted hurt on others. These hurts may include things done to us or not done, things said to us or not said.

The hurts whatever they were or are form part of our history and also affect our formation be it in negatively or positively.

My past wounds entailed being sexually abused and abandoned as a child. These were later to form my choices to the negative in how i valued myself and in later choosing pornography as a way of coping with life- Ruth Njagi

Sometimes its hard to connect your current struggles with wounds from your past- sometimes they play shape your world today. How you view yourself and the habits that you practice.

I would encourage you to start the process of healing on your past wounds, all those hurts and feeling of abandonment. You don’t have to carry them any more.

If you need help write to us and we will help facilitate the process.


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