Second Chance does not mean one and two. With God, second chances for some of us may mean 30, 50, 100 or even a million times of failing and coming back home to a loving God who through Christ everything is forgiven —Ruth Njagi

Welcome to A Second Chance Consults. We are a faith based non profit organization that uses the gospel of Christ Jesus to work with people who are in addiction of pornography, sex and or relationship addiction.

Our Vision

Is for sex and relationships to be a means in which we honor God, self and others.

Our Mission

To disciple people addicted to sex into Christ wholeness and equip them to influence others

Core Values

One person matters

Unconditional love

Enduring patience

Quality life



Work with people addicted to sex, pornography, masturbation or and relationship.

Help people unlearn sex from the worldly perspective and relearn about sex from God’s perspective.

Make disciples and disciple makers

Create a social network


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