Transformation and healing from addiction takes time. We are therefore calling on you to get involved and help us broach subjects that are a double taboo in our world today. Sex and Christ.

These are ways in which we can get involved:

Prayer: to Partner with God as we ask Him to help those who are in bondage to heal them in all aspects of ways and for the safe guarding of the workers.

Be a Disciple maker: Matthew 28 Go make disciples is a mandate we all have been called to as Christians. Do you want to know how to be a disciple maker? We will train you to be one

Volunteer: Are you passionate about teaching and making people aware of the vice that is sex addiction? We can train you to be a a teacher so that you can create awareness to those around you

Financial Giving towards the work that brings about the wholeness of Christ.


God bless you as you Partner with us!


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