My name is Ruth Njagi and I’m founder of this this organization. After being sexually abused as a child, I later found solace in pornography and became an addict despite the fact I was a  Christian. God used various people to walk with me until it was over. One such person is Julianna Jones working with All Nations Nairobi who took me through years of discipleship.

As I found freedom, God began speaking to me to help others in the similar bondage hence the reasons of starting this organization. I complied my journey to freedom in a book ‘Love Unlimited’ that can be purchased here

May my story give you courage to search for your freedom….whatever it might be. Freedom is available—Ruth Njagi

Disclaimer: These are not their real names; if you find your name here it’s purely a matter of coincidence. May their stories too give you courage to find your freedom.

* Agnes Story

I had struggled with porn for years. I knew no hope, I felt I was not good enough before God; being a Christian reiterated this fact. In my head, nothing I ever did was right because I was up one moment and down the next the cycle was so vicious, so tiring.

Would I ever know freedom?

So  I reached out to Ruth…..

My journey so far has been amazing….I have had 3 months of sobriety if I can call it that. I have not had the urge to go back to porn.

Ruth’s approach is based on discipleship based on God’s word and what God says about me….. She took me through the process of knowing who am in God, what he says about me….God’s love for me was only head knowledge but I have began to have a heart knowledge of this love.

God has used Ruth’s story and life to impact mine. She has guided me in accordance to scripture and now true freedom in Jesus Christ is not a far-fetched idea…it is now God’s reality in me and it can be yours too.

* Sara’s story

I have been struggling with porn and masturbation addiction for over 30 years. I remember looking for porn images and suggestive stories from romantic novels and magazines. This was way before the Internet. I could not go to bed without masturbating at least once a day. The rise of Internet porn fueled my addiction and brought about a ‘quick fix’ solution – a place that I could go to when I was feeling upset, anxious or simply bored.
This same Internet was the one that led me to Second Chance Consults ministry. As a born again Christian, I had kept praying for God to provide help and He did. I had previously done ‘Google’ searches for help on porn addiction, but had not come across any local help, specifically for women dealing with this addiction. One time I was going through a difficult period in my life, and as I was casually doing a ‘Google’ search, I came across Ruth Njagi’s story on Porn addiction. I contacted her and we started meeting for counseling and discipleship. I thank God for the gift of Ruth and her testimony. My prayer for this ministry is that by the grace of God, many people will know God and find freedom in Christ- Galatians 5:1. Amen.

* Martin’s story

For a long time in my Christian life I knew I had gone through a spiritual birth, renewal and had been given a new life through Christ’s salvation. I had information that I had been delivered from despair and I had found hope for life.

Yes, I knew it because it had been preached to me more than numerous times in church, audios and many video sermons I had watched, and my personal bible reading devotions. More so I had and do also preach to people on the good news about Christ’s purpose on earth and God’s message of hope for the world. 

But, fortunately or unfortunately, the truth I knew didn’t reflect back to the life I was living. My life in private was a totally different reflection of what I knew and heard a Christian’s life should be like.  Inside me I knew I had a thorn in my fresh that wouldn’t let me experience the whole newness and freedom of life in Christ’s rich grace and mercy. I was struggling with sexual sin. Though I later came to learn through the help of my friend and counsellor Ruth Njagi that those weren’t the real elephant in the room but were just fruits of the flesh that I would use to temporarily console myself with and hide from the real root cause issues.

The main problem was that I was full of worries and insecurities of life due to lack of fully trusting in God, fully believing with my whole heart and fully depending on His promises to me through His word which are Yes and in Him Amen. Though I knew of His promises, I had not anchored my whole hope on them.

The guilt of falling away from the right path was hitting hard on me and the burden of missing the mark was just becoming too much for me to bare as days went by. The heaviness of worrying about how my future would become and that of my family members was now wearing me out.

The sexual sin had now turned to a form of addiction and the behavior had started affecting my performance in school and my relationships with people.

My self-esteem was in the negative. My spiritual life as though I didn’t have one.


Around March 2017 as I was going through news feeds on my facebook wall, I happened to bump on a daily nation link of an article with the title: My recovery journey from porn addiction. It really caught my attention since that was exactly what I was struggling with and was so desperate to be set free from it and it’s guilt. It happened to be Ruth Njagi’s story, founder of a second chance organization. So I searched Ruth Njagi on facebook and inbox you telling you a bit of my story and how I longed to be set free from my struggles just as you had been delivered.

You were so friendly and willing to help and we planned on how to meet and there my journey of transformation began.

 I had found a friend who would identify with my struggles and having gone through what I was going through and overcame, I was at least convinced that you wouldn’t be judgmental.

I got to read a copy of your book: LOVE UNLIMITED where you tell your story of redemption through knowing, understanding and leaning on the true love of God. Your story really inspired me and encouraged me. It made me change my old thinking and I began believing that my case was not unique to me and my story could change too.  

You took me through some series of teachings on how to deal with my past and experience healing and looking on to the future that Christ has prepared for me.

You taught me on how to trust upon God in everything I do and anything I need to happen in my life through various teachings in the bible, especially referencing the book of Ephesians that has become my favorite book in the bible. This has helped me be able to handle the pressures of life by trusting upon God for everything and anchoring my hope in His unfailing love.

My life has never been the same again since I met you. I was able to finish my studies and graduate. Am now working with a leading engineering firm in the country where I work as an Engineer.

sexual sin no longer rules over me. Am no longer a slave of fear coz now I know better and I believe with my whole heart that He who holds my life, Jesus the King of Kings to whom I belong, never sleeps nor slumbers and His love for me is everlasting and everlasting. Nothing can separate me from His love, not what I do or don’t do. He loves me with eternal love.

Am now a free person set free by God’s great love. My mind is at peace coz I know my life and my future is in God’s plan and purpose. He will never leave me nor forsake me. Amen.

God bless you so much Ruth as you continue changing people’s lives through your story. May God’s grace be always sufficient for you and may you never lack. In Jesus Name Amen.

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