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My book – Love Unlimited is an account of my struggles and freedom from porn addiction. As a woman and coming from a conservative society; it was very difficult to share but not only did I share but wrote a book about the struggle.

A week ago I believe God granted a miracle that I did not even know I needed. My parents not only came to my launch of the book but they launched the very book, they embraced me as their child and supported me. Looking back, in these past days I have seen answers and fulfillment of desires and prayers.

Today. someone perused through my book and then looked at me, I knew she had questions and thoughts. Soon after I welcomed her to ask any questions she had. She did more so wondering why I ever decide to write a book about this topic- a shameful topic. It could be said I am bold but more than anything I believe God collected a vow I made to Him. And as much as I have tried to forget this topic and move on with “my life”, working with people struggling with porn, sex and relationships addiction is where I thrive, in doing this I am home. What I know is that there will always be questions but God will always cover me.

This book is available on both as an e-copy or hardcopy via this link To get a hardcopy call Ruth on 0725799291

Grab a copy as a resource material for your church, friend or family. As my publisher correctly said you never know who needs it. God bless.

Write if you need help in this area- you too can be set free by a greater love.


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