Basic steps to recovery from addiction

Although God uses various methods to heal people in addiction. In the course of our work we have noted some steps that we would consider basic.

1) Admitting to self that you have a problem.

2) Knowing that you need help from someone else besides yourself.

3) Finding someone to share your addiction.

4)  Being vulnerable to this person.

5)  Allowing God to heal you, this may include past wounds such as abuse and abandonment. Note: for this allow you to feel the pain that comes with the healing precess. It okay just know you have great resources within you.

6) Learning what is true and what is a lie. Past wounds often bring about beliefs in us that are based on lies. It is crucial for the recovery process to know what the lie is and what the truth is. Here at  A Second Chance Consults our truths are based in God’s word the Bible.

7) Adapting truth based beliefs and behavior thereof.

8) Deliberately, choosing a different path- that is. Walking in obedience

9) Rising even after falling- never ever give up. Keep rising

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  1. Awesome steps. Well simplified and easy to understand and follow. Thanks so much for the insightful piece.

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