I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalms 139:14

Many are the times as a woman you have looked yourself in the mirror and everything is in conflict with the verse above “you works are wonderful” half of you is like ‘nay’..

If only I could change this and that, I wish I would have more this and have less that..this is the dissatisfaction that the cosmetic industry’s prey on. Hair extensions, hair dyes, eye lashes, lighter skin, plastic surgery and the list is endless. I was dissatisfied about something and here is what I found out. Content PG 13

Several months now I have been inquiring about God in matters of sex and the woman’s anatomy. I understand the biology and all that entails, but for once it was becoming personal. I began asking God why he created us women as receivers; I mean it’s intrusive, invading and very personal and while at it I understood something else maybe that have changed how I view God totally. God is brilliant, I am always like wow! Well thought. And I can truly say this of a woman’s anatomy.

Women’s sex and the vulnerability that it brings was protected in marriage and not just any marriage but a marriage where there is mutual respect, communication, love and protection just to mention a few. I strongly believe the craziness we see and hear out here is not God’s plan for us as women. We are meant to be treasured and when we give of ourselves sexually it’s not just an act but it’s supposed to be fulfilling, satisfying and honorable.

But for as long as our history goes the woman has been deceived, used and abused. I now understand why the past societies both in the Bible and past cultures were fighting for women to be married as virgins (believe it or not it was for your protection) emotionally, spiritually and physically. Most STIs are easily detected in men than in women and a woman can have an STI and by the time it’s discovered the disease has taken a toll on her body. While you can argue that condoms protects and in a sense they do but can they do the emotional hurt that comes when you realize he was just using you. You were his pleasure toy and now he is done playing with you and we end up numbing our pain and devastating ourselves even further by sleeping around or drugs. And spiritually, sex is the only sin we do to ourselves; it’s like taking a gun and shooting ourselves over and over, what about the seperation from God?

God is good and his plans for us does not entail pain and harm and we have to come to a point and acknowledge ‘fire burns’ and as long as you have opened the door to your sexuality it’s going to be a fire that you will have to quench or let it burn you (I was addicted to pornography and masturbation) and everyday with God’s help I am choosing to say no to this…

As women we have to avoid situations that are best describes “we were talking and the next thing well, I touched here ..you know I really cannot explain but we had sex” those momentarily lapse of reasons have to be avoided and if you are honest with yourself it’s a beautiful thing for someone to raise the dopamine levels in you as you simply loose your mind (God is brilliant and good and all good gifts including sex came from him) but when your mind returns you have to face yourself I hope it’s always praises and thanksgiving because if it’s not maybe you need to re-evaluate your actions.

God loves you, I cannot emphasize this enough and God want good for you and  sometimes this good means waiting, means saying no or yes, means forgiving, means surrendering, but I can assure you He loves you and dancing over you with singing. You are his most treasured creation and he will be walking with you a day at a time.

This is how to walk- be your sister’s keeper. (Sin thrives in secrecy) If you want for your sexuality to be honoring to God, self and others; then pray and ask God to give you like minded women/sisters and keep each other accountable and support one another should one of you miss the mark. This is both for the unmarried and married. The married are no longer safe. The sacred protection that people respected marriage with is gone to some extent so you too as a married woman you have a choice to remain faithful to your spouse.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalms 139:14 If you don’t know this fully well..I pray that God through His Son Jesus Christ may enable you to know the plans and blessing he has for you in Christ Jesus. You are very precious.

Always woman

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