The Scale

measurement-millimeter-centimeter-meter-162500.jpegRecently, I have found myself asking people this question. On a scale of 0-10 where 0 is don’t want and 10 is want to stop the addiction where are you?

Sex addiction progresses on due to pleasure that comes with it. Pleasure is the benefit that keeps individuals in this web the result being that an individual has a war ranging in them between pleasure and consequences.

As one is in addiction initially, the benefit from sexual pleasure more often than not outweighs the consequences that comes with their sexual choices. As a result a person will go to great extent seeking pleasure at all cost throwing caution to the wind; it all about gratification.

The next step in the scale is where by an individual hits the 50:50 they still enjoy the pleasure but now they are more aware of the consequences. The now understand their sexual choices they make are not all pleasurable. In my view this is the most dangerous stages because the scale can tilt any side. In this stage an individuals life is marked by doubts and questions, justification, pros and cons. Is it right? Is it beneficial? What if I am found out?

If the scale goes back to pleasure then a line that had never been closed is now closed. The addiction becomes even worse than before however if the feel of consequences outweighs the pleasure an individual start seeking help.

He or she will most likely seek help online but anonymously. Some with success and others without. For  those not able to quit, the frustration and desperation kicks in. They have nothing to loose anymore they want out and will ask for help from others. They no longer care what someone will think of them,they want to rid the addiction secret at all cost.

On a scale of 0-10 where 0 is I don’t want and 10 is I want to stop the addiction where are you?


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