A 360° Glimpse

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The world of adult entertainment as fondly known has many players and different views. At a glance we have the consumer, the actors, the man/woman behind the camera, the editors, the company owners. These are the obvious players. What about the hidden players?

The hidden players are right in your sight, very plain sight. And as a consumer you may even love them. As more people are speaking out, the truth hidden in plain sight is coming out. In the adult entertainment industry we have victims of human trafficking for purposes of sexual exploitation. Let me reword it, not all actors are there because they choose to. Some were raped on camera, some were snatched from their homes and in promises of jobs found themeselves in this industry. Some are there because someone chooses to take revenge on them after a break up.

Imagine, you are taking a walk at dusk and you get kidnapped at knife or gun point and your abusers end up raping, physically beating you and even abuse you when you are unconscious. Just as you are recovering from this ordeal; that is if you can then. You get a notification through your social media with a video link to it only for you to open the link and it’s you. Yes the abuser not only raped you but recorded everything and displayed the whole ordeal online for anyone to view. 

Now what? Is this still entertainment? 

The imaginary description is based on a lady who was kidnapped at knifepoint at the age of 14, abused and then her ordeal shared online. 


Because we consumers create this need- basic principle of the law of supply and demand. We the consumer demand content of our said adult entertainment, content that gets darker and inhumane as possible and the suppliers have to provide it, by hook and by crook-  whatever the cost.

But there is a cost, it’s someone’s life, mental health, physical health, it’s your sister, child, wife, mother, it is a human life snatched, innocence stolen so that you can be entertained. Is it worth it? 


Part of the members of our society need help, any player in this industry needs help, because s#x is such a beautiful gift that humans were given by our Creator to glorify Him and edify each other. Instead some have used this gift and turned it to be a sword of destroying the life of another and dishonoring God.

The reality is that both the victim and the perpetrators are loved by God and through his son Jesus Christ all our sins, hurts are forgiven, healed and we are restored to Him as one’s who have never sinned. 

Will you not take the helping hand?

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