2018 in Brief

Happy new year to all, thank you for your invaluable support in the year that was.

16 people were reached, 8 are among those who began discipleship process in 2017 and the other 8 were people who heard Ruth (I) speaking on radio or read my story online both by the nation and the star paper.
In this 7 were male and 9 were female. The outcome of this is that sex addiction is not a man only problem but women too are in the web of addiction but are getting help despite the shame and stigma associated with sex addiction.

Do you want to give? Our organization is non-profit thus, fundraising is a continuous activity that is very much needed to keep doing the work A Second Chance Consults does.
To give visit our website https://secondchanceconsults.org/donation/
Note: The icon give you different options of giving whether one is in Kenya or other parts of the world.

7 trainings took place in 2018: 2 of this were at a high school in Nairobi and another in Narok, 2 at institutions of higher learning in Mombasa and Machakos, 2 conducted by Kenya Children’s Home one in Nairobi and Soila, and one at a church in Nairobi.


In July of 2018, a launch took place where both the organization and a book that is very instrumental to this ministry was publicly launched. In attendance were 18 people, as a result of this, we have an opportunity to teach and share with a local institution that works with children until they are adults.

The book “Love Unlimited:Set free by a greater love” is Ruth’s founder of A Second Chance Consults in which she shares her story of addiction to pornography and how God’s love set her free. You can get your copy on Amazon kindle on this link https://www.amazon.com/Love-Unlimited-Ruth-Njagi-ebook/dp/B06WD7QJNM or if you need a hardcopy you can call Ruth on 0725799291 going for Kshs. 1,000

Media Coverage
I was privileged to have my story aired on Radio Jambo and on The Star newspaper (Kenya based media house), the coverage was helpful in creating awareness of addiction and the help that is available and where to receive it. I received clients as a result of them listening and reading my story in the media.

I was able to network with different institutions and individuals , one of them being Pearls and Treasures Trust an organization based in Kenya that deals with recovery for post abortive women, Present Age Ministry and organization based in the U.S.A dealing with rescuing girls and women who have been trafficked for sexual purposes, some individual may include Sharon Shalter founder of family watch international, Carlton Deal working with serve the city Brussels….just to mention but a few.
We hope this network will bring further connections and expansion of our organization both locally and internationally.

How to Pray in 2019

  • The people in addiction that I am working with, will continue to receive freedom and that God will bring others my way in this year.
  • Pray for a prayer and emotional support system for me: that is, people praying for me and the ministry and also are speaking into my life.
  • Pray for the people that will be reached in the month of January; that God will be preparing their heart.
  • Will be traveling to Uganda in January for training and to working on being officially being part of All-Nations a world wide organization with hubs in Kansas, South Africa, Thailand and Uganda.
  • Pray for salvation for one of my clients *Amy not real name who is planning to commit her life to Christ but is hesitant.

A big big thank you!

  • To God for his compassion on us, forgiving ours sins through Christ Jesus and giving us new identities in the Him. The ministry solely exist because of the grace of our lord Jesus Christ.
  • For God being gracious and seeing us through the year 2018 and keeping us alive in 2019
  • The clients; those listening to God and are willing to change and seek help in realizing this freedom from addiction.
  • To the individual’s who have given this month. And made it possible to for me to live with dignity and continue reaching out to those in need.


Imagine being imprisoned by a habit that you cannot stop. At this point it doesn’t matter how you got here all you know is that you are in it. Going in circles and not gaining any grounds but drowning more and more. Now imagine someone holding your hand and helping you out of the prison.

You don’t have to imagine anymore. The person reaching out to you loves you and cares; we at A Second Chance Consults we only play a part God does the rest. He knows and calls you by name.

Do you need help? Do you know someone who needs help? Reach us


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