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My name is Ruth Njagi and I work for an organisation known as A Second Chance Consults. This organisation works with people who are addicts, the niche being addiction to sex, pornography, and relationship addiction. So far we have worked with people who have been addicted for periods ranging from 5 to 30 years. These individuals are now trying to be free of their self-made prisons created to cope with pain and past wounds.

My work entails being vulnerable, listening (for most people I meet I am the very first person they have ever told of their struggle), praying, discipleship (teaching them the word of God and encouraging them to walk in the truth as taught), counseling for past wounds, helping them recognize lies they have believed and the truth that sets them free.

I began this ministry because I too was addicted to pornography for 16 years. My past wounds originated from being sexually as a child and verbally abused while growing up. I began reading romantic novels to momentary escape from life thinking it was a harmless hobby. Over the years the novels were never enough and curiosity drove me to watching pornography and soon this became a pattern and then it became a part of my life; something I hated yet was still not able to overcome. God however in his mercy and kindness placed people in my life to help me in this process which took 8 years to eradicate, but this meant recognizing lies, and replacing them with the truth. It meant setting boundaries in the relationships I have and sometimes walking away when people close to me are abusive…it is an ongoing process. Through discipleship I learned who I was in Christ and who God is in my life…every day is a learning day with the Lord.

The work is fulfilling, gratifying and I am gradually working towards changing the world one person at a time. On the other hand it is emotionally and spiritual draining. It also is time consuming as it involves working with an individual as they challenge their belief system and how this informs their life and as they make new habits and identity towards that of Christ. This often involves forgiving those who have hurt them and facing what life brings to them and not escaping through sex, pornography or unhealthy relationships. In this journey we support the individual as they change from the inside out and holistically.

These services are free and the people I work with give what and when they can give. Thus, in meeting my needs, people who support my work have been helping by giving financially and in kind. For example: to meet my housing needs. Two families have allowed me to live with them in their homes. The other source of income is from the sales of my book and from students received from giving talks in schools and elsewhere.

God has been bringing like minded people in my life, people who want to see authenticity in our society, people who truly understand the struggles of one in addiction and what it takes from them and how it devastates an individual and the society in general. These people are from Kenya and other parts of the world and belong to the body of Christ.

Hurt people will raise hurt people, but all is not lost because as a society we can join hands and change one person at a time. The power of one person cannot be taken lightly, it takes one person to build or destroy as society. Yes, I work with individuals, but in the long run the impact of their change and transformation will be experienced not only by themselves but by their families and the society at large in this lifetime and generations to come.

What people often don’t realize is that the problem in addiction is not the addiction itself but rather what an individual is trying to numb or forget— the root of the problem. Addictions — be it alcohol, substance abuse, eating, shopping, gambling — are just means of coping with the issues affecting an individual. What I am asking of you is to think of how you would want to be involved recognizing that “we give what we have.” I am asking you to take a deeper look within: are you hurting, are you undergoing abuse, are you where you are supposed to be in your life, do you have a relationship with Christ and living in obedience? 

We all have a part of a wall to build in this life. The greatest gift you can give yourself first and foremost is getting healed yourself by asking God to be with you in the process. Consider the oxygen mask in planes; People are asked in case of reduced cabin pressure to put the oxygen mask on themselves before they assist anyone else, even their child. The reason being if you are not breathing then you cannot help others. 

In my journey I have experienced healing and still do. We are like a layer of onions, each day God peeling us back healing us as he makes us more like Christ. It’s an ongoing process. Yet still I ask you to help me accomplish what seems impossible, enable me reach those who are hurting with the truth of Christ and walk with them in their journey.  This is how you can Get Involved

  1. Praying for me and those in need,
  2. Messages of encouragement
  3. Being a disciple and learning how to be a disciple maker,
  4. Networking (do you have an audience that would benefit from knowing this information?),
  5. Partnering (how can we work together?)
  6. Giving money to enable me live a dignified life and to facilitate for meetings and traveling all over Kenya and other parts of the world as the Lord opens opportunities.

My monthly budget is 130,300/= or $1,294 dependent on the exchange rate and (Kenyan tax of 30 percent being part of this amount).

You can give an amount of your liking — monthly, one time gift, quarterly or however you feel led. Visit our website on the icon “Donate” to learn how best to give.

Please pray about and consider being a part of this work, and get in touch with me if you have any more questions or would like to be involved. 

You can reach me through Contact

Yours truly,

Ms. Ruth Njagi,

Founder- A Second Chance Consults 

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    1. Hello George, I am delighted about your interest to volunteer with us. Tell me more about yourself, what has made you interested to be a volunteer, your expectations and want area/s you want to volunteer.
      Ruth Njagi

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