My heart

I shared last night my story with the ladies from my church. God loves us all and care about you much… Just to retaliate why and what is important

A Second Chance Consults

My name is Ruth Njagi and I work for an organisation known as A Second Chance Consults. This organisation works with people who are addicts, the niche being addiction to sex, pornography, and relationship addiction. So far we have worked with people who have been addicted for periods ranging from 5 to 30 years. These individuals are now trying to be free of their self-made prisons created to cope with pain and past wounds.

My work entails being vulnerable, listening (for most people I meet I am the very first person they have ever told of their struggle), praying, discipleship (teaching them the word of God and encouraging them to walk in the truth as taught), counseling for past wounds, helping them recognize lies they have believed and the truth that sets them free.

I began this ministry because I too was addicted to pornography for 16 years. My past…

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