Funding campaign



Or you can donate by sending money to:

A Second Chance Consults


Family Bank

Branch: Kikuyu


M-pesa (Mobile money) no. 0725799291

How to Give

1) Send directly to the account given above: please inquire from your bank how to transfer

2) In USA, UK and Canada give using the app allows to send directly from your account to a mobile number here in Kenya. The m-pesa (mobile-money) number to send the Money to is +254725799291

3) In other parts of the world use https:// to send directly to both or either the M-pesa or the bank. (Transaction fee applies) +254725799291

Follow the instructions here when giving through worldremit

4) Send via other safe means that you know of

5) Let us know that you have given. Go to contacts and write.


Help me continue doing this work pro bono your giving helps makes this possible. Click contact icon if you need more clarification from us. This link will help you give

2 thoughts on “Funding campaign

  1. I will update you. I am currently struggling to claim my payment. once am cleared, I will contact you. thank and God bless for your noble work you are doing


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